Sunday, July 29, 2007

Phone Solicitors

It's Sunday morning. I live in a Bible Belt state. The phone rings. I can tell it's going to be someone asking for money because there was that delay as the computer assigned the call to an operator since a person had answered, and I became instantly annoyed.

A man takes a moment to figure out which of the two people on the list in front of him I am, yeah, the female, point for you buddy! He then proceeds to tell me he's calling from the State Firefighters Association, or something like that. My response of, "On Sunday morning?" was was met with, "Uh ..., yes, ma'am?". Having caught him off guard I followed up with, "I'm sorry, but we don't accept these kind of calls on Sunday morning," and I hung up.

Who was that girl who answered my phone? I thought she lived only inside my head.

(And points for my husband, Gentle Southerner or Southern Gentleman that he is, who, rather than remaining quiet or passively reprimanding me for my Yankee outburst, said: I wish we never accepted those phone calls!)


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