Sunday, July 22, 2007


I received an email indicating that this lack of response from adoptive parents during the teen years is normal and just wait it out. At first I felt good about that in the sense that it was "normal" for me to be dealing with this right now.

The emailer also indicated that contacting the attorney would probably not be productive since he would only relay the message and that anger might result on the part of the adoptive parents - something I've already considered.

Basically all signs point to the fact that they do not want a relationship with me so why should I care about possibly angering them by contacting the attorney? On the other hand, after this "sensitive" teen period passes, lingering resentment could hurt any reunion that involves them.

But isn't that my eternal hope poking through again? And is that worth continuing to be a wallflower? Maybe they'd respect me a little more (and even respond!) if I stand up for myself rather than continuing to wait quietly.


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