Sunday, September 17, 2006

Being raised elsewhere

There was a day last week that I wound up talking to two different mothers in the same day about their sons living with their dads. The first mom in particular emphasized how much better off her younger son was with his dad because his dad could provide more financially for him and also had more time to do things like sports with him. Plus, she said, her son had a male role model in the home. "It really is the best thing for him," she said. "Yes, there were tears, but he's much happier and I have to think of him and what is best for him."

All of it sounded so much like me when I was 19 and pregnant with my son. It breaks my heart to hear it from someone else but not only does it remind me of how much I really was trying to do the best for my son, it also makes me realize that there are mothers in all kinds of situations who make a choice that means they don't get to spend every day with their children.


Blogger Bethm411 said...

I have been told that only a mother could do what is best for their child, even if it means giving the child to someone else to raise.

I feel for these mothers pain. and we understand it all too well.

(this is not speaking of birthmothers that were coerced, but those, like myself, who made the decision on their own)

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