Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another assumption/reality check

My son's birthfather and I have managed to remain in intermittent contact over the years. Recently I received news that he has been experiencing some life threatening health problems. It made me realize I always assumed he would be around, out there in the world, should our son ever want to meet him.

Part of me has always been concerned (jealous, really) that my son may want to meet his birthfather and have little interest in meeting me. After all, I've met his adoptive parents and sent letters twice a year so he may know as much about me as he wants. He knows very little about his birthfather and so there is more mystery there. Plus being a guy, he may care more about that male connection. I may be wrong.

Learning about the health issues, though, made me realize that I do want my son to be able to meet his birthfather if he so chooses, and I was mad and upset that he may not have that chance when he is ready.


Blogger Barb said...

i've got a similar situation. i discovered that the birthfather had his own contact with the parents, and i was jealous. really jealous. sort of self-righteous jealousy.

part of me is leery for similar issues: the male connection, the mystery.

i'm still working on coming to terms with that...sigh.

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