Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wanted: Crawling Baby

My daughter has been a little slow to crawl and I was getting concerned that she wouldn’t achieve that milestone. I had always heard it was important for coordination. Well, she is now crawling like a pro. My husband asked me yesterday if I was happy to have a crawling baby after wishing for one all these months. At first I mentally reacted to hearing “happy to have baby after waiting all these months” and wanted to say, “Months!?! How about years?!” but then realized he was specifically saying crawling baby, and that his question was a comment on how I had been lamenting for months that she may not crawl before walking.

On the one hand, I am mildly irritated at myself for jumping to the conclusion that my son and how much he means to me is being disregarded. On the other hand, questions like that always make me think of him and, frankly, I am somewhat grateful to be reminded of him and have the excuse to think of and remember him.


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