Saturday, August 04, 2007


Also off-topic, but ...

does anyone else find the amount of money raised by the current presidential candidates just outrageous? Even obscene? I mean, several of them have MILLIONS of dollars they have raised. In fact, The Wall Street Journal reports that the Democratic candidates have raised $100 million MORE than the Republicans. I don't even want to know what the total is overall. Couldn't New Orleans be completely rebuilt with this money? There are tons of other worthy projects like performing arts for kids, math tutors, college assistance for working families, etc. etc. etc.

I just think in this day and age of the shrinking middle class and the down right destitute (despite our welfare system), that it's absurd for this kind of money to be sitting around for no other purpose than to allow a person to tour the country and run ads and employee "yes" people long before the first primary. Meanwhile, children are dying because their WORKING mothers cannot find child care while they care for other people, presumably because they aren't working a traditional shift. (Most childcare vouchers can only be used in licensed facilities which are often only open during first shift.) See this recent article and this article to read more.


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