Monday, August 20, 2007

Another Box

So a box came today from M&P. I was like, holy cow, they sent me a framed 11x14 picture! Talk about overkill. I was already deciding where I should put it while I climbed up the stairs.

Well, I opened it and there was no framed picture. In fact, there were no pictures at all. Instead, there were some gifts for my daughter and a two page letter for which I am very thankful. BUT NO PICTURES at all. No snapshots. No digital photo printed as part of the letter. No 1x1 school shot. No horribly blurry picture of unbathed, rumpled teenager taken from a distance at Boy Scout camp. Nothing. Nada.

Last two lines of letter, though? Please send pictures and I promise to do the same. Yeah right. When?


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