Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are you a Mama?

The place where I take aerobics is a dance studio that has different classes for girls of all ages. One of the classes that breaks up just as ours is about to start is a little ballet class for 3 year-olds. As I was arriving last week, a girl who looked closer to 4 years old was leaving with her mom. I met them on the stairs and the little blonde looked up at me and asked, "Are you a Mama?"

I was so happy to tell her, "Yes." It was just an innocent question from a child, but it warmed my heart. She followed up with, "Which one is yours?" And I answered, "She doesn't come yet, but she will soon." Also the truth, as my daughter will be old enough in the fall and we've already discussed her starting either dance or tumbling. As I continued onto class, I had a small smile on my face, the kind you get when something privately pleases you and you can't help but smile a little.

Had she asked me that question before I had my daughter, the feelings I would have been left with after the mini-conversation would have been far different.


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