Monday, December 31, 2007

Not right now

The box, again, contained not a single picture. But I got to the end of the two page letter and a short paragraph said that he wasn't up for talking, writing or meeting yet. And it felt wonderful. Why? No picture since Christmas 2004, no indication of any chance of contact and then, finally, there is the acknowledgment that he has been given the option. Wow.

I am okay with his not being ready. First of all, from what I understand it's normal for a 16 year-old adoptee. Second, it probably means he's happy in his family unit and I want that for him. Third, he knows he has the option when and if he's ready, and that is awesome.


Blogger Brown =) said...


I just found your blog tonight and I'm so glad you are writing. I'm in a very similar place as you (even have a similar post as this on my blog) and it is SOOO comforting to read someone who is experiencing the same struggles in adoption with a child the same age.

(((HUGS))) Keep writing. I'm reading!

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