Tuesday, November 27, 2007

on Death & Sh*t

Last night my dad was readmitted to the hospital, 10 days after being discharged from a 6-day stay which included a procedure to drain over 2 liters of fluid from his lungs. By 9:30 pm he was admitted to ICU. He told my brother he feels like he's suffocating.

One of our pet bunnies died tonight. She just laid down and died. Our vet says it was most likely an abcess that went undetected, something that is common in rabbits. She was 6-1/2. Her companion will miss her. I will try to pay a lot more attention to him since she won't be there to groom him, play with him (aka be chased by him), etc.

I really hate death.

For something lighter: My 2 year-old daughter knows how to say sh*t in context. Mother-of-the-year I am, huh? We were pulling out of a parking lot the other night when daddy had to tap the breaks a little hard. He let out a frustrated sigh, I kind of grunted, and from the backseat we heard a perfectly clear, "Sh*t."


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