Monday, February 11, 2008

Love Day

A person reminded me that Thursday is Love Day. Of course, I was ready to immediately respond with, "Oh yes, I realize it's Valentine's Day," but, before I could, she continued with, "Don't forget to enjoy all the love you have in your life," and it stopped me in mid-breath.

I love the positive spin on it. It's instinctual these days for me to look at everything in my life within the context of no longer having my dad. In the brief second that I focused only on the love currently in my life, I felt a joy I haven't felt in ages. I want to hold onto that.

It's kind of like something my husband heard about disciplining kids .. don't tell them what not to do, tell them what to do. For example, instead of, "Don't climb" say "Get down from there." Use an action item they can respond to in the affirmative. I've found it's 95% effective with my daughter. (Yes, that's a gut percentage, not a scientific finding.)

Makes sense for her; makes sense for me.

Love Day it is. I am going to try to apply that to every day.


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