Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Music of My Youth

It's funny how music can invoke thoughts. Okay, it's not funny. And I've seen other people post about the connection between music and memories, too.

When I think about the connection between music and thoughts (emotions really), I always am reminded of Susan Sarandon's character in "Dead Man Walking" who wants to sing a song for Sean Penn's character at his death but is denied because, as the warden says, "music is too emotional". [this is a paraphrase and it may not have been the warden who denied the request]

Anyway ... I was on my way to pick my daughter up at daycare yesterday and some 80's Bruce Hornsby-like song was playing on the radio. And then it occurred to me. When I was pregnant with my son, I was only 3-4 years beyond those 80's songs (with the automatic memories they always generate) ... so essentially he was conceived and born when those songs were still around the first time. The person I was then, the baby he was, and those songs are all pretty intertwined really. But my daughter ... she is too young to even pick out specific words in those songs, to find the tune even vaguely recognizable. For her, these songs will be ancient history, "oldies" if you will.


That makes me feel so disconnected from her, so old and apart. And yet it makes me feel, again, the connection I have with the son I never see but hope to see again someday soon.

I love you young man, out there growing up so fast. You are only four years younger than I was when I had you. Take care. I am so glad you exist, even if I can't see you.


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