Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Christmas Box

I've had the Christmas box ready to go since Saturday, a box that includes a letter to M explaining that I included a card that she could decide whether or not to let him read. I took a deep breath and also wrote about my daughter. It was brief and I wanted to make sure I didn't convey anything that would discount my son. Going on an assumption that these letters, or at least any news they contain, are shared with my son, I thought it would be unfair to him to not tell about my daughter.

And I bought a card that I thought would be great for writing my note, "For Someone Special at Christmas". But I kept putting it off. I know part of it is the perfectionist in me and I still wound up using a lousy pen. But I realized that if I waited any longer, he may not get the box in time.

It's exciting to think he may actually read it. And even if he has heard about how much I love him, I hope it means something special to him that he has a card from me.


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