Thursday, December 07, 2006


It went well. We met and we talked about a lot of things.

The feeling I came away with and that I'm still trying to fully process is a certain sense of peace, of connectedness, of healing, of wholeness. It's weird. And unexpected.

Part of it is the time that passed. Part of it is that he was, and probably is, a key person in my life. We were together for quite a while, off and on, and so much of my late youth/early adulthood was spent with him.

During yesterday's conversation things were said that resonated on so many different levels. I can't find the right words but it became clear that back then we both were stumbling around trying to figure out who we were/are at the time. Age and the wisdom that comes from life have matured us, given us the distance we need. Back then I expected a prince (thank you Disney and Hollywood) when he was just a guy figuring out his way in the world.

He told me he was done stalking me but I am glad that he has his own life, his own family and his own home many states away so I don’t have to just hope he’s telling the truth – although I think he is. But I am also glad that I took the chance to meet him after all these years and talk with him. As I told him, I look forward to more conversations.


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