Thursday, November 30, 2006

What to Expect

I was going through my baby books the other night to pass along any that I no longer need now that my daughter is now a toddler. As I was flipping through What to Expect the First Year, I noticed the one I had was published in 1989 so it would have been the edition that I may have read had I parented my son and it is very likely the edition that M referenced her first year with him. When I came upon the chapter about adoptive parents, I read every word looking, as usual, for clues to my son’s babyhood. (Any time I see articles about adoption, especially the ones aimed at adoptive parents, I read every word to find out what they have to say and how the content might be a reflection on his upbringing.)

I was also hit with the memories of reading What to Expect When Expecting late in 1990 when I couldn’t figure out why my gums were so sore and discovered that it was associated with pregnancy. I remembered sitting in the airport, wondering when my gums were going to stop being sore, waiting to fly home for Christmas and hoping my parents wouldn’t notice somehow that I was pregnant even though I was only at the tail end of my first trimester. After all, on every date I ever went on my mother would send me out the door with a firm, “Don’t come home pregnant!” They didn’t figure out I was pregnant, but it was a memorable Christmas for me nonetheless.


Blogger HeatherRainbow said...

That's a great way to make us feel like we can come to them for anything. It gives us more reason to run, to hide, to not have someone there for US during our most vulnerable time.

I'm sorry that they weren't supportive of you.

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