Sunday, July 23, 2006


I have so much crap around the house. I watch those organization shows on HGTV from time to time, but it's so vicarious. I can sit and watch those for hours (figuratively ... I think I'd get a little tired after 90 minutes to be honest), think I feel inspired and then look at my crap and get nowhere. It's not so bad that you can't move through the house or anything, it's just your basic clutter. Lots of paper (tucked out of sight for the most part). Tons of books. Gobs of magazines. It's pretty neatly stored and stacked for the most part, but there's way more than I should have. Why do I hang onto it all? I've always been this way - more of a pack rat than I should be. Sure, I justify it by saying it's not as bad as some people. And my mother is one of those who throws things out without a second thought. And my closet is a disaster area. I am really too sentimental for my own good and have stupid stuff like movie stubs. And of course there's always the 'this could come in handy someday' thinking (not the movie stuff, but the shipping box, etc.).

I've always been this way but I wonder why it is that I can't let go.


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