Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Reading these blogs is also neat (for lack of a better word at the moment) because the ingredients of my story are sprinkled throughout the lives of several women. The birthfather was not completely out of my life but needed to be for my health and welfare. Plus P&M give my son things I felt (and still feel) he needed - two parents, a stable childhood, etc.

Another ingredient: I've been patiently waiting for my son to contact me. Since they were being open with him about his adoption experience (although it isn’t an option adoption per se), I thought once he was old enough to truly understand – say around 8 or 10, he would want to have some direct contact with me either by letter or phone. Sadly, that has not happened. Reading your posts make me think perhaps I should ask his adoptive parents to be a part of his life, rather than waiting for him.


Blogger Tammy said...

I'm an adoptive mother and I would say "yes" to trying to open your relationship with your birthson more. It's never easy, but most good things aren't. Hoping things happen for you soon...

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